Pulsed UV light for bacterial reduction: Impact of physical parameters on Aspergillus brasiliensis

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This article deals with the comparison of two pulsed light devices to highlight the impact of physical characteristics on the decontamination efficiency of micro-organisms, in particular the mould Aspergillus brasiliensis which is the reference germ for UV treatments according to VDMA.

Pulsed light sterilization: logs reduction vs total fluence?

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The fluence of a flash in J/cm² depends on several factors:
- The distance between the lamp and the object to decontaminate
- The voltage applied to the lamp
- The numbers of flashes

Pulsed light technology for surface decontamination: 2 to 5 logs in 200 μs!

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Expert in pulsed light decontamination STERIXENE offers customized support to the food industry companies since 2018.

Pulsed light disinfection: why do we have to keep the germs in sterile water?

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The VDMA [1] specifies in its practice code, which allows to test the efficiency of the sterilisation devices on packaging, that the inoculums should be prepared without salt. Indeed during the drying of the inoculums the presence of salt forms like a protective layer on it and it has an important impact on the decontamination results.

Press article - Sterixene wants to disinfect with pulsed light

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La Lettre M is a local media in Occitanie region. Sterixene was interviewed by Stephanie Roy in June 2019.

Press article - pulsed light sterilization

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SANTE BEAUTE INDUSTRIE is a new paper dedicated to manufacturers for pharmaceutical and cosmetic fields. SANTE BEAUTE INDUSTRIE has published an article about the Sterixene's innovation in April 2019.

Press article - Sterixene makes a stop at LA STATION in Nîmes

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Press article in the Midi Libre magazine about the Sterixene company in November 2018.

Press article - Sterixene wants to take the lead in chemical-free disinfection

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Press article from LA TRIBUNE about Sterixene company. This article has been written by Cécile Chaigneau in November 16th, 2018.

Pulsed-UV : Decontamination ? Disinfection ? or Sterilization ?

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We could consider them as synonyms. However, for the persons familiarized with microbiology, these words do not mean definitiely the same thing. As a grammar rule, these words follow microbiologic rules.

Log reduction database - Pulsed light sterilization

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Bibliographic reference and microbial log-reduction obtained with pulsed light sterilization system, on different germs.