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Press article - pulsed light sterilization

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SANTE BEAUTE INDUSTRIE is a new paper dedicated to manufacturers for pharmaceutical and cosmetic fields. SANTE BEAUTE INDUSTRIE has published an article about the Sterixene's innovation in April 2019.

History of Pulsed Light for Sterilization

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Bedford (1927) and Gates (1929) were among the first to scientifically quantified the bactericidal action of UV. Today, UV light performed by mercury lamps at 254 nm is a well-established sterilization technique for surfaces and water [1]. However, the ability of some microorganisms to repair the DNA damage caused by UV light at low doses was a first limit of the mercury lamp. Secondly, if mercury bulbs break, dangerous mercury vapor may be released.

The alternative ? A lamp filled with inert gas, able to generate intense short pulse of UV light...

Xenon Flashlamp for UV disinfection - basic knowledge

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Flashlamps are gas discharge devices filled with xenon gas and designed to produce pulsed radiation (from UV to IR). Flashlamp offers high efficiency and long lifetime (considering the lamp parameters). Flashlamp could be found in many sizes and shapes. The typical range of the plasma size is 20 to 250 mm but it could be higher with a competitive electronic !

Pulsed light sterilization and other technologies

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The decontamination process is different depending on the industries field and on the decontamination levels required. This article is a short overview of the different decontamination systems used in industry compared to the pulsed light technology.

Overview of Pulsed light sterilization technology

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Pulsed light is one of the new and emerging technology gaining popularity. Non-toxic and non thermal, disinfection is achieved by high-intense light pulses of short durations. If pulsed light as disinfection system is not widely known, technology is developed since the 1980's.


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