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Pulsed light sterilization: logs reduction vs total fluence?

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The fluence of a flash in J/cm² depends on several factors:
- The distance between the lamp and the object to decontaminate
- The voltage applied to the lamp
- The numbers of flashes

Pulsed light technology for surface decontamination: 2 to 5 logs in 200 μs!

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Expert in pulsed light decontamination STERIXENE offers customized support to the food industry companies since 2018.

Pulsed light disinfection: why do we have to keep the germs in sterile water?

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The VDMA [1] specifies in its practice code, which allows to test the efficiency of the sterilisation devices on packaging, that the inoculums should be prepared without salt. Indeed during the drying of the inoculums the presence of salt forms like a protective layer on it and it has an important impact on the decontamination results.