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Press article - Sterixene wants to disinfect with pulsed light

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La Lettre M is a local media in Occitanie region. Sterixene was interviewed by Stephanie Roy in June 2019.

Press article - pulsed light sterilization

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SANTE BEAUTE INDUSTRIE is a new paper dedicated to manufacturers for pharmaceutical and cosmetic fields. SANTE BEAUTE INDUSTRIE has published an article about the Sterixene's innovation in April 2019.

Press article - Sterixene makes a stop at LA STATION in Nîmes

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Press article in the Midi Libre magazine about the Sterixene company in November 2018.

Press article - Sterixene wants to take the lead in chemical-free disinfection

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Press article from LA TRIBUNE about Sterixene company. This article has been written by Cécile Chaigneau in November 16th, 2018.

History of Pulsed Light for Sterilization

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Bedford (1927) and Gates (1929) were among the first to scientifically quantified the bactericidal action of UV. Today, UV light performed by mercury lamps at 254 nm is a well-established sterilization technique for surfaces and water [1]. However, the ability of some microorganisms to repair the DNA damage caused by UV light at low doses was a first limit of the mercury lamp. Secondly, if mercury bulbs break, dangerous mercury vapor may be released.

The alternative ? A lamp filled with inert gas, able to generate intense short pulse of UV light...